At eXomodal we believe that your time is valuable. That is why our everyday job is to design software solutions to make your life easier. With our software you and your employees spend less time on repeating tasks and make fewer mistakes. We search automatically for data that can be found on other websites for order entry, planning and reporting. We have many years of experience doing this in the fields of container logistics and retail logistics for multiple modalities such as water, rail and road.

By automating work that is done manually in the past, we create time for you do what you are good at: keeping contact with your customers.



The aim of eXomodal is to provide businesses an overview of their operations. This way, you can decide what step you should take next. We do this by bringing data together from various sources, combine them and providing decision support to give intelligent feedback.


We combine your data such as orders and planning data with information from relevant websites. We also gather data from private and public GPS based mechanisms to keep track of your cargo.


eXomodal provides all the data that is relevant for you in a clear overview. We make it transparent where this data is coming from and how it is combined.