At eXomodal we believe that software in logistics can do a much better job to stimulate the creativity of employees to find solutions that are out of the box. We think that logistics can operate a lot smarter by combining data from multiple sources and presenting it in an intuitive manner to give intelligent feedback. Our data scientists combine knowledge of math, statistics and software engineering skills to build products that analyse data in real-time to automate processes and take all your hassle away.


Our aim at eXomodal is to provide businesses a complete view of the operations at hand and allow them to play with results. This way, you can decide what step you should take next. We do this by bringing data together from various sources, combine them and providing decision support to give intelligent feedback.


We combine your data such as orders and planning data with information from relevant websites. We also gather data from private and public GPS based mechanisms to keep track of your cargo. All this happens automatically.


By taking away work that is done manually in the past, we create time for you do what you are good at: keeping contact with your customers.


We collaborate closely with our clients, to make sure you get what you need. Are you excited about collaborating with us too?

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